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Skirt hem

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Skirt hem

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Vacuum belt dehydrator accessories skirt hem

Vacuum belt dehydrator is also called fixed vacuum chamber rubber belt filter. Based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign similar products, our company has developed a new, efficient and continuously operated solid-liquid separation mechanical equipment, and it is also a kind of mechanical equipment that makes full use of gravity of materials and vacuum suction to achieve solid-liquid separation. On the structure, the vacuum area is arranged along the horizontal direction. The length of the vacuum area can be used to complete the different process of filtration, washing and drying continuously. It has the advantages of high filtering effect, large production capacity, good washing effect, wide application range, simple operation, smooth operation and convenient maintenance. It is especially suitable for the suspension slurry with coarse solid particles, large density and repeated washing of filter cakes. It can be widely used in the solid-liquid separation of metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, paper making, food, pharmaceutical and environmental protection industries. Especially in the wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum dehydration has a very good application.

Of vacuum belt hydroextractor rubber belt, skirt, friction belt is the driving part of vacuum belt hydroextractor, belongs to the core of the belt conveyor equipment, due to the aging of rubber, may lead to equipment operation inconvenience, vacuum degree is reduced, my company specializing in the production of various specifications of rubber vacuum belt dryer accessories skirt, rubber belt type filter press, filter accessories driven roller and so on.

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Address: building 2, no. 59, fangjiashan second road, huzhou city

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