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PBF horizontal vacuum disc filter

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PBF horizontal vacuum disc filter

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Detailed introduction

The PBF mobile disc filter is composed of a group of circular reinforced plastic filter plates with groove or edge. During the filtration, the sewage enters from the outside, and the edge formed by the furrow edge on the adjacent filter plate intercepts the solids in the water. During backflush, water flows from the inner part of the annular filter plate to the outer side.

The plates are tightly compacted and stacked together in the unit, and the groove between the upper and lower plates ACTS as filter interception.

PBF mobile pan filter is a kind of self-cleaning filter, which adopts multiple patented technologies. It is safer, more efficient, water-saving, land-saving and less routine maintenance.

The filter core has no spring design, and the water pressure is used to squeeze the disc group during filtering, which greatly reduces the pressure requirement of backwash.

Unique built-in duck mouth valve ensures the maximum water yield of the filter core during filtration and plays a good reverse stop function during backwashing.

The split-assembled filter core frame can adjust the height of the filter core flexibly according to the design requirements, so as to adjust the filter area and meet the requirements of different systems.

The commonly used metal clamp design is abandoned, and the filter unit adopts the self-locking latch with the specially designed sealing ring. The installation and removal of the filter unit shell is simple and easy, and the sealing effect is good.

Each filter unit is equipped with filter and reverse wash state indicator and automatic exhaust device, which can not only avoid water hammer damage but also improve the reverse wash effect of filter core.

Raw water flows outward and inward as it passes through the filter unit, and impurities larger than the trench are intercepted externally.

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