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LXD automatic discharge centrifuge

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LXD automatic discharge centrifuge

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Detailed introduction

The model LXD automatic continuous discharge centrifuge belongs to vertical centrifugal discharge strainer diversion type centrifuge. This model has a unique diversion device, which can effectively adjust the residence time of materials in the centrifuge, so as to minimize the content of solid materials.

Working principle:

The material enters the centrifuge from the top, and the distributor continuously fills the material into the diversion channel. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material flows down the diversion channel. During the flow process, the liquid enters the collection chamber through the filter screen, and the solid material is discharged into the solid collection chamber in the lower part. By using centrifugal force, the LXD centrifuge completes centrifugal filtration and centrifugal discharge at the same time. The Angle of the diversion channel can be adjusted at will, so that the length of the channel can be changed, the residence time of materials in the diversion channel can be controlled, and the moisture content of solid materials can be controlled to the best state.


No scraper, use gravity and centrifugal force to discharge the material, do not destroy the crystalline particles.

Vertical structure, simple installation, smooth operation, low fault rate.

Filter mesh replacement simple, long service life.

Low energy consumption and low running noise.

No need for complex shock - proof foundation.

Fully enclosed design, effectively closed to organic solvents or odorous materials.

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Address: building 2, no. 59, fangjiashan second road, huzhou city

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