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HVPF vertical filter press

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HVPF vertical filter press

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Detailed introduction

HVPF vertical filter press is an efficient, energy-saving and highly automatic solid-liquid separation equipment. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, medicine, food and other industries. The equipment USES the pressure of the pump, the gravity of the material and the pressure or water pressure to form the pressure difference on both sides of the press cloth to achieve efficient solid-liquid separation.


1. Laminated structure of filter plate, with guide device, running smoothly;

2. Filtration, extrusion, washing, drying, unloading, and cloth regeneration can be completed continuously and automatically throughout the operation process;

3. It is particularly effective on occasions where various adhesive materials and filter cakes are required to contain low humidity;

4. The power mechanism adopts hydraulic control, and the equipment operates reliably;

5. PLC+ touch screen + automatic valve control is adopted, featuring flexible operation and simple operation. Reduced production cost and labor intensity;

6. Compact structure, small floor space, high pressure and high efficiency.

HVPF vertical filter press has been widely used in mine concentrate and tailings dewatering, smelting, chemical industry oxides, electrolytic slag, leaching slag, furnace slag dewatering and environmental sewage sludge waste acid treatment.

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Address: building 2, no. 59, fangjiashan second road, huzhou city

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