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SSPF plate filter press

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SSPF plate filter press

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Detailed introduction

SSPF intelligent press and plate-type filter is a fast open and close plate-type filter press, mainly consisting of electrical control system, hydraulic control system and main engine. After the hydraulic cylinder is locked by the locking device, the hydraulic cylinder is stretched out and the filter plate of the filter press against each other, forming a filter chamber and surrounding sealing between the adjacent filter plates.

Material by filling pump at a certain pressure from the hole into the filter chamber, with the aid of the feeding pressure feeding pump in the filter medium on both sides of the formation of the pressure difference to realize solid-liquid separation, trapped in the filter material interior, from the filtrate through filter cloth filter plate guide hole eduction closed, after a period of time, the filtrate no longer flow, filtration and dewatering process is complete, stop the expected, according to process requirements, to decide whether to high-pressure diaphragm crushing, washing, blow dry; Then the hydraulic cylinder is recovered and the locking device is unlocked. The mechanical drive mechanism drives the hydraulic cylinder and pulls the filter plate, removes the filter cake, and cleans the filter cloth and enters the next filter cycle.

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Address: building 2, no. 59, fangjiashan second road, huzhou city

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