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Analysis of common problems of nozzle

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Analysis of common problems of nozzle

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In most applications, the performance of the nozzle is often critical to the final spray effect. In complex working conditions, it is difficult to detect the cause of nozzle problems with the naked eye. Below, we introduce several common causes of nozzle problems analysis.

1. Corrosion/wear

Gradual loss of nozzle material results in expansion and/or distortion of the orifice and internal fluid passages. As a result, the flow rate increases, the pressure decreases, the flow becomes irregular, and the drop becomes larger.


The material of the nozzle may be decomposed due to the composition of the spray and chemical action in the environment. The results are similar to those caused by erosion and wear, and may also cause additional damage to the nozzle's surface. Air atomizing nozzles are particularly sensitive to corrosion. Just a little bit of corrosion can negatively affect the size and even distribution of the droplets.

3. Caking/bonding

The accumulation of material occurring inside or outside of the nozzle due to evaporation of liquid. A dry solidification layer will remain and clog the nozzle orifices and internal fluid passages. Bonding, the material that accumulates near the nozzle opening, is also not conducive to the performance of the nozzle, and can have serious consequences for some nozzles, such as air atomizing nozzles.

Iv. Accidental injury

Accidental scratches caused by using improper cleaning tools during cleaning may result in damage to the nozzle or sprinkler head. Nozzles are also often damaged by falling during installation or operation. The nozzles may be worn by high pressure treatment or they may bond by spraying viscous liquid. Erosion, wear or blockage of the nozzle orifice will seriously affect the performance of the nozzle and may cause damage to the nozzle.

5. The high temperature

Certain liquids must be sprayed at high temperatures or temperatures. If no special heat resistant material is used, the nozzle may be softened or even disintegrated.

6. Blocked

Excess solid particles may clog inside the orifice, resulting in limited flow and uneven spray distribution.

7. Incorrect installation

Some nozzles need to be carefully installed after cleaning to ensure that internal components such as gaskets, o-rings and internal blades can be properly calibrated. Improper positioning may result in dripping and poor spray performance. If the nozzle cap is installed too tightly with the nozzle body, threads may slip.

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