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BLZG automatic vertical diaphragm filter

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BLZG automatic vertical diaphragm filter

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I. working principle:

1. Static pressure filtration

Filtration stage: when the filter plate frame is closed and sealed, the slurry simultaneously enters each filter chamber through the slurry tube. Under the action of the static pressure of feed pump, the filtrate enters the filtrate tube through the press cloth. Solids are trapped in each chamber by the press cloth.

2. Diaphragm extrusion

One squeeze: high-pressure water (high-pressure air) enters the top of the diaphragm through the hose. The diaphragm squeezes the filter cake toward the surface of the filter cloth.

3. Filter cake washing

Washing (optional phase) : the washing liquid is pumped to the filter chamber in the same way as the slurry. As the washing liquid is filled with the filter chamber, the diaphragm is lifted, and the cleaning liquid flows into the filter pipe after passing through the filter cake and cloth under the pressure of the pump.

4. Diaphragm extrusion

Secondary extrusion (optional phase) : the washing-up liquid left in the filter chamber after the washing team segment is squeezed out of the filter cake by the method in the second stage mentioned above to realize the displacement washing function.

5. High pressure air through cake drying

Air drying: the compressed air entering the filter chamber takes away the water remaining between the filter cake particles, thus reducing the water content of the filter cake to the best extent, and at the same time emptying the filtrate in the filtrate chamber.

6. Automatic cake discharging and automatic cloth cleaning filter cake discharge: when the drying process is completed, the plate and frame assembly is opened, the press cloth driving mechanism starts to operate, and the filter cake on the press cloth is automatically discharged from both sides of the press filter press, and the washing water is forcefully cleaned through the high-pressure nozzle at the same time.

Ii. Working features:

1. Unique individual grouting of each filter chamber ensures that all the filter Chambers are equipped with the incoming material, the filter plate is under uniform force, and the filling time of the filter chamber is short.

2. The new technology of high-pressure air drying and drying with diaphragm pressure up to 16kg and advanced filter cake section is more suitable for filtering fine particle materials and sticky materials, and can produce very dry filter cakes, thus simplifying the heat drying of filter cakes and other reprocessing and reducing energy consumption and transportation costs.

3. Horizontal filter plate and displacement filter cake washing can reduce the washing water consumption to the greatest extent, and effectively improve the washing efficiency, product recycling rate and product quality.

4. 100% automatic continuous operation without manual intervention ensures the optimal filter plate process effect and factory operation rate, and provides a healthy, safe and environmental production environment for users.

5. When the filter plate is pulled apart at one time, the filter cake will be automatically unloaded at the same time, and the press cloth will be cleaned and regenerated at the same strength. The single cycle time is only 6-10 minutes (short program and long program are different).

6. Various filter plates and diaphragm materials can be customized for your materials to reduce equipment investment. Filter material: stainless steel 316L structure, carbon steel coating structure, PP reinforced plastics. Diaphragm material: natural rubber, ethylene - propylene rubber and plastic elastomer.

7. Vertical structure and large capacity of a single machine reduce the required quantity of equipment and floor space.

8. PLC+ touch screen electrical automatic control technology is adopted to realize valve switch status, process parameter setting monitoring, history recording and alarm.

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